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Kathy, the founder of The Gluten Free Sisterhood, writes for her main blog at Gluten Free Farm

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Kathy Addis

Hi! I’m Kathy, the Idea Lady behind the Gluten Free sisterhood. I am on the same journey as you, the journey of living gluten free! I had to figure out how to live and eat gluten free way back in the day when there was no information and no one knew what a “gluten allergy” was.

I never wanted anyone to have to stumble and be lost in their gluten free life, like I had to… and The Gluten Free Sisterhood was born. A place to gather all the AMAZING recipes, magazines, cookbooks, videos, meal plans, and more that is available to make your Gluten Free life simple – real – and delicious!

Kathy Addis Founder of The Gluten Free Sisterhood

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