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Kathy Addis

Hi! I’m Kathy, the Idea Lady behind the Gluten Free sisterhood. I am on the same journey as you, the journey of living gluten free! I had to figure out how to live and eat gluten free way back in the day when there was no information and no one knew what a “gluten allergy” was.

I never wanted anyone to have to stumble and be lost in their gluten free life, like I had to… and The Gluten Free Sisterhood was born. A place to gather all the AMAZING recipes, magazines, cookbooks, videos, meal plans, and more that is available to make your Gluten Free life simple – real – and delicious!

Kathy Addis Founder of The Gluten Free Sisterhood

Kathy has been a gluten free blogger, baker, best selling Amazon cookbook author and Gluten Free guru way before "gluten free" was a thing. She has had to test, claw, and fight her way through terrible pre-packaged food, bad advice and a whole host of other problems before she found a way to enjoy  daily life while managing her gluten allergy.

Kathy's Personal Story:

We all have different stories. But each one brings us to the same place. Having to eat gluten free to maintain our health and well being.

It all started when I decided to begin eating “healthy”!

Listening to the latest health news and the benefits of eating whole grains, I decided to start eating whole wheat bread and cereals to increase my fiber intake and to receive the nutritional benefits that come with it. I was doing fine for awhile, and then…

I had begun to start running to get myself back in shape. Here I am, coming down the side street to my house, when halfway there my heart started beating out of my chest! I thought I was having a heart attack! I could barely walk back home! I made it in the front door and sat down until my heart calmed down.

I decided to try running again one more time ( real smart of me!) and it happened again! Well, no more running for me after that! Pretty soon, it started to happen when I was just watching TV or reading a book. It was most prevalent when I was sleeping. I would just drift off when all of a sudden I would get this strange sensation that would wake me up and then my heart would take off at 140 beats per minute.

I ended up in the emergency room to find out that my Magnesium and Potassium levels were so low my heart was having problems. Well, they would load me up with a full IV bag of magnesium and liquid potassium (yuck) and send me on my way. Boy, did I fill GREAT for about 2 1/2 months. Then I would slide right back down and end up in the emergency again! We did this for another 3 times.

Meanwhile, I was seeing doctor after doctor trying to figure out what in the world was causing my magnesium levels to tank! I was taking over 2000 milligrams a day and still not able to keep my levels up! Something was seriously wrong, but what!

Well, enter one doctor from Sweden, a gastroenterologist, who listened to me and came up with an interesting thought. You may have celiac sprue, he said. I might have what? I had never heard of it before. It’s an intolerance to gluten in grains like wheat, he said.

BINGO! THE LIGHT CAME ON! As I sat there and listened to what he had to say, I realized that all this had started when I began eating whole wheat! He had me go through all the tests and they came back positive! No more wheat products for me!

I was so thankful! God had given me an answer to what ailed me! Halleluiah! Now all I had to do was avoid products with gluten. What an eye opener that has turned out to be!

I am truly grateful to know what my medical problem is! I would rather know and begin to deal with it, than to be in the dark looking and looking and not finding.

I LOVE TO COOK! I have found that most of the pre-packaged and pre-made gluten free products are not what I would call appetizing! The choices are getting better and better as people learn about celiac and companies are more responsive to our needs.

But, I still enjoy making my own goodies and feeding my family and myself great tasting meals that don’t break the bank! I still have a hard time paying the prices for gluten free cookies or cake mixes when I can make my own cheaper and better tasting! But sometimes, you just don’t have the time or the desire. I understand that. I get that way too.

Now you know why I started this web site. I have learned a lot about gluten free cooking and all the weird and strange tweaks and twists to get something to taste good, especially bread! In some ways, I think we eat healthier than most since we cannot go to the fast food drive thru and pick up junk food!

I know it can be frustrating and difficult, especially if you have just been diagnosed. Take heart! I am willing to help you get over the anxiety and frustration of what to eat! Please let me help you any way I can!

I have come to accept what my life is and have decided that it is a way for me to help all of you as I help myself in this journey of gluten free cooking and living.

God bless! - Kathy


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